Episode 4 – White Shadow

I caught up with the guys from White Shadow when they were playing at the Old Firehouse in Fairfax recently.They were kind enough to sit down for an interview in typical TuneShack style….after a great show, in front of a bar, after many beverages were consumed. But it turned out to be an interesting talk about their music, art, Till Lindmeann, taking out the trash and fires in Fairfax.

At the beginning of the show, you’ll hear White Shadow’s latest single, Zugzwang.  You can stream Zugzwang or any of their other releases at whiteshadow.bandcamp.com.  They can also be found at whiteshadowmusic.com and on FaceBook. I definitely recommend getting out to one of their live shows…I had a great time seeing them and look forward to the next one.


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