Episode 10 – I Am Demure

Episode 10 of the TuneShack brings us an interview with I Am Demure, all the way from LA.  Sometimes demure, sometimes no so demure, we had a fun interview where we got to talk about their plans to bring rock and roll back from the dead with their new EP Everything is Black and White and their upcoming video.

This episode features Even When and Steal Your Body from Everything is Black and White.

www: www.iamdemure.com


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3 responses to “Episode 10 – I Am Demure

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  2. Very entertaining Interview!!! 🙂 BTW; where do you find Didgeridoos in Mississippi? 🙂

    • Ocean Speings, apparently. Place called the Squeaky Lizard. Featured in Episode 1, actually. If I get down there, I’ll definitely stop by.

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