My name is Scott and I love music. I have a job, I have a life, and somewhere in the middle I find time to play guitar and look for and listen to music.

The Tune Shack Podcast is my attempt to do more for those that give us so
much through their music. Part of the inspiration for the podcast comes from Samantha Murphy and her The Highway Girl podcast. The format of my podcast pretty much mimics The Highway Girl, minus the live set and probably most of the quality and skill that Samantha brings to her podcast. I finally got my ‘just do it’ push from a blog posting a couple years ago by Jacqueline Van Bierk of Otto’s Daughter and registered the domain name to get this thing started.  Lots of things have happened, and I got a ton of help and encouragement from Roy and Ada of Red This Ever to get this thing rolling.

After all that, here we are.

I am planning on making this a weekly podcast. Each episode will feature an interview and a few songs from a single artist. I will try not to get too “fanboy” but know that I really do like the music that I’m going to be featuring so I might slip up sometimes.